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The Secure And Weatherproof Benefits Of A Composite Door

When you shut your front door behind you should be able to do so with the confidence that it will effectively protect your home and stop the weather from getting in.

Green Composite Door

The slightest bit of give in the door or a noticeable cold feel in your hallway should immediately trigger you into buying a new front door and there’s no better replacement than a composite door.

What is a composite door?

The composite door was first developed in the 1990’s to supply homeowners with an even more resilient alternative to the UPVC door.

Several different materials are utilised in a composite door design, including UPVC and wood. It also comprises a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin and thick polyurethane foam.

This is what gives composite doors their unrivalled toughness and makes them near impossible to force open when securely fastened. They’re also completely scratch and weather-resistant.

It looks exactly like timber?

You wouldn’t be foolish for thinking that a composite door was in actual fact a timber door such is its likeness to a traditional wooden door. But though it contains some wood, we promise you that it isn’t and just happens to have a prominent woodgrain effect.

The main benefit of it not being timber is that a composite door offers far more prolonged performance in terms of looks and security.

No repainting or treatment will ever be necessary and it can be left alone to leave your entranceway in sparkling shape.

Colours galore

You may have a very specific finish in mind for your replacement front door. Chances are that you will be able to get it as composite doors can be coated in practically any RAL colour and your chosen colour is guaranteed to last.

Outstanding thermal efficiency

Any worries you have about the weather gaining the upper hand on your door will vanish post-installation of a composite door.

The standard of thermal efficiency it promises is second to none and any draughts you use to feel will be gone for good. This will also enable you to be more in control of your heating costs.

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