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Show Your Home Some Love After The Harsh Winter Weather

Though the weather still remains pretty cold, the nights are slowly getting lighter – a sign that the spring and summer seasons are not too far away.

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How is your home looking and feeling after being exposed to the ever unpredictable elements that we have experienced over winter?

If the answer is “tired and draughty”, now is the time to be restoring it back to its best before our brightest and warmest seasons arrive.

How to get it in shape for spring and summer

  1. Replacement windows and doors

When the inside of your house feels overly cold and you have to compensate by frequently turning up your heating, it’s the existing windows and doors that are responsible for it.

Continual exposure to poor weather conditions takes its toll on wood crafted windows and doors in particular, especially if they’re only single glazed.

Get them removed and replaced with the most thermally efficient windows and doors that you can afford as they’ll help heat your home and reduce the cost of energy bills. You also won’t need to maintain them as they’re perfectly capable of retaining their good looks without any treatment.

  1. Garden maintenance

Most householders will have left their gardens untouched during the winter months, but they will want to see it blossom once spring sets in.

Get it looking good again by properly removing any weeds that have grown since last year and pruning any overgrowing plants or flowers.

Only when your lawn grows to about 3 inches thick should you take the lawnmower to it to prevent it from drying out once the weather improves. Power washing any accompanying driveway will also have a positive impact on your garden’s appearance.

  1. Check your gutters

Leaves and debris will have almost certainly got into your guttering over the past few months and it’s essential that you remove them.

Failing to do so could result in leakages, condensation or mould to occur and when left alone they can cause serious damage to the infrastructure of the building.

Carefully make your way up the ladder and take out any leaves or debris with your hands (put on a pair of rubber gloves). Tip some water into the guttering to check for any leaks.

Orion is always open to giving home improvement guidance

We could go into far more detail about the measures you can take to create an improved home for the coming months, but we’d much rather tell you in person.

Schedule a visit to our York showroom where our experienced consultants can give you more invaluable pieces of advice and show you how Orion Windows can help you achieve them.

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