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Stay Ahead Of The Crowd And Update Your Home With Bi-Folding Doors

Summer might seem a million miles away at the moment, but it’ll soon creep up on us, so now is a great time to improve your home with luxury products like bi-folding doors in readiness for its arrival.

Grey Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors will be a spellbinding addition to any property, whether they’re incorporated into an orangery or utilised to divide two internal living areas. The former option will appeal most if you’re looking to bring the outside in once temperatures start to rise.

All it takes is the very gentlest of pushes to make the various door leafs that make up a bi-folding to beautifully concertina to create an opening.

The size of the opening depends on the extent of the available aperture. It is possible to have a maximum 7-pane long bi-folding door, down to a 2-pane long bi-folding door. You also get the chance to determine whether the doors open inwardly or outwardly – an outward opening is best if you’re constrained by space indoors.

We have already mentioned how bi-folds will brilliantly entice the outdoors into your internal living space, but there are other benefits they’ll offer this summer and beyond:

Energy efficiency

We can only hope that the forthcoming summer is a hot one, but it won’t matter if the weather disappoints as you can expect outstanding energy efficiency in any conditions. For optimum energy efficiency you can stipulate the inclusion of triple glazing and won’t feel an ounce of cold coming indoors.

High security

Bi-folds are undeniably stylish, but their stylishness is equalled by the standard of security they provide. There’s a multi-point locking mechanism included in the design and a host of other secure features to prevent them from being opened when properly locked shut. The glazed units are internally glazed too so that they cannot be removed from outside the house.

Stunning colours

Along with the most commonly chosen colours of anthracite grey, black grey, jet black etc. you can also have bi-folds finished in conspicuous colours like mahogany, golden oak and natural oak. Matching finishes can be used on the inside and outside of the frame or you can go for contrasting colours if that’s what will best suit your home.

Be a bi-fold trend setter

Get in there quickly and be the first person on your street to invest in bi-folding doors.

Come see them before summer arrives at Orion Windows’ showroom in York where we have a set on display for your viewing pleasure. We promise you that summer won’t be as good without them.


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