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What Are The Advantages Of Investing In A Porch?

Porches are often overlooked by householders when they are seeking out new home improvements that will enhance their residence. It isn’t until you fully analyse the various benefits of porch ownership that you realise they’re worth serious consideration.

Entrance Porch in UPVC Rosewood

For starters, a porch offers aesthetically-pleasing styling that will elevate the appearance of your home above neighbouring properties that don’t have a traditional or modern porch integrated into them. They’ll make a dazzling entrance!

However, that’s not the only thing they will do.

Increase space

You can determine the size of your porch during the design phase and the space it adds can be utilised for storing things like coats / jackets, hats, scarves, shoes etc. This will free up room in other areas of the house and make the place feel a little less cramped than before.

Attract buyers

They say that it’s essential that your home makes a positive impression on people from the moment they see it. A porch will be one of the first things they spot and it’s guaranteed to appeal to the hearts and minds of buyers.

Increase resale value

You will be fully entitled to ask a higher buying price for your home once you have a porch installed. When valuing the property, any estate agent will take it into account and the difference it makes financially could be significant.

Enhance home security

No-one should ever feel concerned about whether their home is secure enough. You’ll be far less concerned when you have a porch as it comes fitted with a host of secure measures, including a multi-point locking mechanism.

Quick installation

It can take a few weeks to fit some home improvements, but you’ll only be waiting a matter of days to have your new porch in place. We will check prior to the installation that the porch complies with planning obligations and building regulations before proceeding.

We have plenty of porch solutions at Orion Windows

If we’ve left you convinced that a porch should be the latest addition to your home, book a free appointment with one of our consultants who will help you create the perfect design.



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