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Why Owning A Conservatory Is A Bonus At Christmas

The clock is fast ticking towards Christmas with only 45 days left to go until the annual festivities commence. Have you started planning ahead for the big day and decided whether you’re going to spend it at home or elsewhere?

Christmas Conservatory

If you’re fortunate enough to own a conservatory, the decision should already be made to play host and invite those closest to you over for turkey and all the trimmings.

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are out of the way, why not step up your preparations for Christmas now and get your conservatory all decked out as it’s the ideal setting for such a special occasion.

Fill it full of presents

You may not have even started buying presents for your loved ones yet, but when you do, put them inside the conservatory to give it that unmistakable Christmassy feel.

It is of course only fitting that they sit under a Christmas tree. Go out and find a natural or artificial tree that can be installed inside the space with no issues, ahead of it being decorated by the whole family with baubles, lights and tinsel.

Let it snow

Whilst decorating the Christmas tree you could also winterise the conservatory by adding some sticky snowflakes and snowmen to the windows, placing Christmas scented candles on any available window ledges.

Once that’s done, keep your fingers crossed that we get a white Christmas and where better to admire it than in the cosy confines of a conservatory. The sense of occasion will be heightened if it happens and you can all gather round and watch it fall out of the windows.

Party time

No Christmas Day would be complete without some party games, plus it stops you from falling asleep in front of the telly!

Dig out any toys or games acquired by the younger members of the family earlier in the day or dust off the trusted monopoly board or Twister. The spaciousness of a conservatory can accommodate such tomfoolery long into the night and it will help everyone digest all that turkey.

The deadline may have passed to have a conservatory installed by Orion Windows in time for this Christmas, but think ahead and envisage 20+ Christmases spent inside the most elegant of surroundings. Get a FREE quote for a new conservatory now.



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