3 Of The Best Ways You Can Improve Your Home This Winter

Do you have that feeling of déjà vu as we head into our second lockdown? It means more time at home again, but that’s hardly the worst thing in the world, and your home can actually keep you busy. 

We say that because you could use some of the time to either improve the place yourself, or make arrangements for someone to come and do it for you. 

But what sort of improvements should you be looking at making? Well, because it’s winter, we would advocate giving your home a warmer feel, which you can do in 3 steps:

Have plush, new carpets put down

The floors in your house will be reinvigorated just with the addition of new carpets, you can even consider hiring Novasteam Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning and have your old carpets cleaned to give your house a new look, and the scent from them will make the house smell new again. Every carpet has its own uniqueness which has to be maintained only by treating it with lots of care and concern. Visit green-steam.com, to get the best services in town available at best price.

To get maximum warmth underfoot, opt for a pure wool carpet, which you can add extra thickness to by asking for some underlay to be incorporated into it. If you check out that site, you can get the best carpet cleaning services. 

A new, thick carpet like this will prove a fantastic insulator, and help prevent heat escaping from rooms, which will in turn save you money on energy. Just avoid spoiling the carpet by removing all footwear when entering the house. 

Bring cheeriness to a room with a repaint

It won’t help your current mood if you have a drab looking living area or outdated colour scheme in your dining room. Lift your mood by adding some cheery new colour to them.

Check out the weather forecast and wait for a dry day to start repainting a room so that you can open some windows to let the paint fumes out, and have others help you. 

Brighten the atmosphere in these spaces with an upbeat orange shade or a not to brash burgundy, through the use of a paintbrush, or just introduce the colour using new artwork, fabrics or furniture.

Install energy efficient windows & doors

It’s around about now that people’s energy bills begin to increase in cost, and that they feel noticeable draughts in their living space, leaving them cold. 

The quickest and most convenient solution to both problems is to have double or triple glazed windows and doors installed that have an impressive energy rating. 

It’s easy to be put off by the cost of buying new windows and doors, but they can save you a fortune in the long-term, as you will find out when using the GGF’s Energy Savings Calculator.  

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