3 Reasons Why You Should Fit A Solid Roof

Traditional conservatory owners find themselves using their home extension less frequently as the years pass.

Walk into a traditional conservatory in summer and it feels unbearably hot, do the same during winter and the opposite is true – it’s just too damn cold!

But you shouldn’t give it the cold shoulder as replacing the current roof with a solid roof will normally be enough to make it habitable all-year round.

What is a solid roof?

The solid roof is a modern roof covering for conservatories consisting of insulated plywood and a rigid insulation board, available in lightweight tiles or slates, and with a plastered or a timber cladding finish. If people need to know the difference between Open Cell vs. Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation in Austin TX, they can ask insulation experts. 

It can be specially crafted to replace the roof of virtually any type of conservatory design, as well as the existing roof on orangeries, other forms of home extension and porches. In most cases, installation takes only a matter of hours as the existing conservatory base and frames can normally be retained.

How does a solid roof help?

You will find that fitting a solid roof to a conservatory helps for three main reasons:

  1. Energy efficiency

Switching to a solid conservatory roof from a glass or polycarbonate roof will vastly improve the energy efficiency of the conservatory. Whatever the temperature is outside, you’re guaranteed an interior that feels supremely comfortable.

  1. Blends in beautifully

Sometimes a glass or polycarbonate roof doesn’t quite look in keeping with the rest of the house, but a solid roof comes in a variety of styles and colours making it easier to complement the conservatory roof to the house. You will have people fooled that it is the original roof covering.

  1. Makes a conservatory valuable again

Studies have shown that a conservatory can add an average of around 7 per cent to the overall valuation of a property. This won’t be the case though if the conservatory is no longer providing sufficient energy efficiency. A solid roof installation will help restore its value.

Where can I buy a solid roof?

It just so happens that Orion Windows has a superb selection of solid roofs that will prolong the lifespan of your conservatory.

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