5 Ways To Shut Up Neighbours

Our team at Orion Windows (Leading Supplier of Windows, Doors and Conservatories) have devised a list of five tips to help block out sound from those noisy neighbours. Here are the results:

1/ Break Down The Walls

You can bang on the wall receptively, kick, scream and go slightly mental at the lack of sleep driving you to desperation. Another option is trying the ever-so-subtle “my music goes louder than yours technique” – this rarely works.

2/ Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs can help sometimes, but they don’t work for everyone and don’t block out all of the sound. It’s also a bother to wear ear plugs all day and night. We also believe that constant disabling of your hearing is not for the best as it will heighten your other senses so much, it may indeed, begin to drive you insane.

3/ The Schoolboy Technique

Reporting the pests to Noise Control Units. However the code only refers to commercial noise such as music blaring from a bar, not the bass vibrating from the stereo next door.
Noise problems between neighbours usually have to be handled tenant to tenant or landlord to tenant however, as authorities rarely intervene.

4/ Pull on your Builders Hat

Building a sound absorbing wall will most definitely reduce the tremors felt during your quiet time. Do you have the money, or the desire to build a second wall? If you do then this may be one of the most effective method, possibly reducing the noise by around a half.

5/ Double Glazing Windows

That’s right! Making sure that your windows (and doors) are new and in good shape, they will help to severely cut down the noise filtering in to your house – that is unless you have a hole in the wall. If that’s the case, a plasterer is probably a better solution. Still, through complex mathematics you can actually work out approximately how much noise you will block out – usually it’s at least a 50% reduction of that pestering sound!

5 top tips to shut up those pesky neighbours!

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