Bespoke Conservatories North Yorkshire

Lots of people think that the term bespoke and made-to-measure refer to the same thing.

However, they do not.

Bespoke is a word that comes from many, many years ago when tailors stocked bolts of cloth in their workshops. When a customer chose a piece of fabric for a new suit, the phrase it has “been spoken for” was used. So a suit made to fit your exact body shape and requirements, is called “bespoke”, unlike “made-to-measure” which uses a pattern adjusted to individual measurements.

Whether the conservatory in North Yorkshire you are looking for is a classic design that will look to reflect the aesthetics of an older property, or a contemporary conservatory that will add to the already modern home, order bespoke and we will work with you on both the planning and construction to achieve exactly the look and finish you want.


At Orion Windows, we use only the best materials and employ the best staff, who will make sure that your bespoke conservatory is constructed perfectly for your requirements.

A bespoke conservatory will improve the appearance and value of to property in a way that is harder to achieve with standard pre-made designs. On top of this, our PVC windows and doors will further help to improve the value of your property.

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