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Making a good first impression is very important and this is the same for your home. Often people will make an opinion of your home before they even walk in and it is your job to make sure that it is a good opinion that they make. The exterior of your home is therefore very important and in particular the front door is very important.

When it comes to the time to replace the doors in a property uPVC doors are now by far the most popular choice and this is because they have many benefits.

Improved Security
One of the main benefits of uPVC doors is that they are very secure. They are fitted with multi point locking technology and double glazing as standard both of them make the doors much stronger and harder to break.

There are a huge array of different designs and styles to choose from so whether you live in a new build, a 1930’s semi or a Victorian villa there is a style to suite your home. You can also choose to have glass panels installed in your door and these can range from very simple plain glass to highly ornate stained glass.

There are also a wide range of colours and effects to choose from ranging from cream to black and oak effect to mahogany effect. Gone are the days of opting for uPVC doors meant you had to choose white there are now a wide range of colours to choose from.

Low Maintenance
Traditional timber doors required painting every couple of years in order to keep them looking good uPVC doors do not require painting and require very little maintenance at all.

No More Draughts
All uPVC doors are made to measure for the individual house meaning that they will fit perfectly and not let any outside draughts through.

It is also important that the doors are only one element of the outside of your home you should also consider uPVC Windows, uPVC conservatories, the soffit boards and any other areas which may require regular maintenance.

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