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The following is a customer testimonial for a conservatory they had installed with Conservatory Outlet.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We recently had a Victorian Conservatory installed in York.


We have been to you before for our Double Glazing windows and you did a great job, so we returned for a conservatory.

The fitters were excellent, they were very gracious and went about their job professionally, we also felt very comfortable trusting them with our home. Overall they did a great job. The customer service you provided was also fantastic, as before.

The CAD design program helped us see what our victorian conservatory would look like and from this we made a few adjustments and re-drew it until we had something which my partner and I both really liked to look of. The spreadsheet pricing system was extremely quick and well crafted as well. It automatically updating the price whenever anything was modified/added/removed.

Thanks once again for our new Conservatory, it looks great and our neighbours are very jealous.

Please feel free to publish this as a testimonial.

Mr Yode,


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