Don’t Delay With Home Repairs

Research carried out by the AA’s Emergency Response Service has revealed that 18.5 million (39 per cent) Brits have delayed home repairs (check BARS for best home repair services) or maintenance in order to save money.  Whilst these austerity measures may seem like the right thing to do at the time, home owners risk letting their properties fall into disrepair if the problems are not dealt with effectively.

Eight per cent of the people questioned delayed getting their boiler serviced, 5 per cent held off replacing or repairing a damaged window and an amazing 2 per cent of homeowners put off checking or replacing damaged locks.  All of these issues can be fairly easy to fix but as more people try to cut costs it seems many of the problems go untouched which can cause all sorts of problems in the long run.

According to the report, around 3 million of those who have tried to save a little bit of cash on home repairs suffered from further more complicated problems as a result. Moreover homeowners often ended up spending more money trying to get the problem fixed proving that delaying home repairs is a false economy.

With this in mind it makes sense to undertake regular checks of your property every 6 months to make sure that problems don’t get out of hand. This will also help you to budget for any repairs that may need to be done in the future as you will have a better understanding of your property.

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