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How can a window actually save you money?

Orion Windows uses a low emitting glass that contains a metallic coating that lies between the layers of glazing, which makes the glass reflective – keeping energy in. The unique system keeps the house warmer in the winter and cool in summer.

There are some new materials in glass insulation that can create a more energy efficient glass, such as glass coatings, gas fillers, warm edge spacers and new frame materials. The A Rated Windows range is the most energy efficient window available, but we also offer other rated windows, depending on the type you would like installed.

energy rated windows

There is a lot of discussion happening on the topic of Energy Rated Windows under the reducing your carbon footprint title. We all need to take a part in doing this and energy efficient windows are a fantastic way of doing this. They will help to reduce your carbon foot print and save you a big chunk of money as well.

Our Energy Efficient Windows mean that there will be no draughts letting the warm air out. At the moment, with plain double glazing windows you are using more heat and energy than necessary because of a window that is not designed to contain the warm air inside.

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