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Halloween is one of those times that a lot of different people get involved in. From the young to the old and everyone in between.

It’s something that has become a favoured holiday of millions of people around the world. There are people that get into little sort of competitions with their neighbours and just like with the Christmas decorations and the lights on the houses at Christmas time they get progressively more competitive.

There’s plenty of different things that you can do yourself at home when it comes to sorting out some Halloween decorations for your home. You could take the easy way out and go and buy some from your local supermarket but if you have the time and imagination, you could make your own at home.

From draping things over your windows or hanging things on your porch to filling your front lawn with some tombstones to give the graveyard effect; there’s plenty of different Halloween ideas out there.

We’re going to list some of the best decorated houses for Halloween. People do go to some crazy lengths to impress.

Do you have anything special that you like to do for Halloween? If so, let us know in the comments.

The Pumpkin Lovers

These people seem to have a love of Pumpkins…

Halloween Pumpkins

“Pumpkins never seemed so creepy…” Image Source – buzzfeed.com

The Simpsons Fan House

This family must just not care what time of year it is. Birthdays? The Simpsons. Christmas? The Simpsons. Halloween? Oh, if we must. The Simpsons.

The Simpsons

“There’s a lot of Simpson characters here…” Image Source – buzzfeed.com

The Spider House

This is any arachnophobe’s nightmare. Just, no.


“Erm… SPIDERS!” Image Source – homedit.com

A Nice Play on Words

Everyone loves a pop culture reference and what better way to make one than this…?

Play on words

“But, what about Lady Gaga?” Image Source – buzzfeed.com

Train Wreck

There’s too many puns to make out of this one. But it goes to show, if you drive a train, you can’t afford to lose track…

No tracks

“This guy obviously lost his train of thought…” Image Source – homedit.com

Not Really Scary

This is possibly the least scary, yet most ambitious Halloween decoration ever.


“Maybe they’re real?” Image Source – buzzfeed.com

Roswell All Over Again?

This is just simply awesome. No other words are needed.


“Well, the Government will be here soon. They’ll clean it up.” Image Source – buzzfeed.com


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