How To Increase Your Property’s Value With Home Improvements

We’re now just over two weeks into January and according to research it’s around about this time when we’re most likely to break our New Year Resolutions.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

If one of your resolutions involves enhancing your home make sure you stick to it. Not only will it give you a more pleasurable place to live, but you will also likely increase the valuation of the property and put yourself in a better position to sell at a good price when the time comes.

When you look at here, you will understand that the home improvements you choose need to be right though for that to happen, but what are the “right” sorts of improvements you ought to invest in? In our mind, these suggestions are all certain to result in a more valuable home…

Conservatory installation

Householders are continuing to jump on the “improve not move” bandwagon and many choose to do so with a conservatory installation. Adding extra space to your home gives you and any future occupant of the house an opportunity to create a further room where you can decide to eat, relax, work or even keep fit.

The choice of conservatory style and material used to build it should be based on the age and character of the building as you want it to look like a natural extension, rather than something that’s very obviously been added on. It could trigger a 5 per cent increase in your home’s value.

Replace old windows and doors

You’re fighting a losing battle trying to maintain your old wooden windows and doors as they’ll continue to age and demand upkeep. In any case, they’re likely to be single glazed and costing you serious money on energy bills.

They should be replaced with energy efficient windows and doors as they’ll keep the house better insulated and bring down fuel costs. We insist on supplying all of our replacement windows A+ energy rated as standard as we believe that’s the standard of thermal performance that the modern household needs.

Serve up a quality kitchen

Living habits have changed an awful lot in recent years with a move away from the living room being the hub of the house. It’s now the kitchen we head to when we want to unwind after a hard day at work.

A brand new kitchen is an option if you can afford it, but there’s nothing wrong with improving your current kitchen setup by installing new worktops, buying a few new appliances and changing the colour scheme to something more desirable.

Make your garden prettier

What’s the point of having a garden if you fail to give it enough attention and allow the grass to overgrow and unsightly weeds to develop? You need to show your garden plenty of love as doing so will make it look beautiful and attract lots of positive attention.

This should include regularly removing any rubbish from the lawn, mowing it, ripping out weeds by the root and planting some flowers to add some colour throughout the seasons.


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