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Believe it or not, the windows of your home are extremely important in many ways. Not only do they have the ability to let light in but they also keep heat within the home, thus saving you money on your energy bills and ensuring that your home is as environmentally friendly as possible.

However, they have to have a certain aesthetic appeal as well. After all, shabby windows will not do, which is one of the reasons why you should purchase the latest energy efficient Double Glazing from Orion Windows. There are many stockists of Double Glazing in Leeds, Hull, Scarborough, York & Harrogate who can advise you further, but below is a brief description of Double Glazing available from Orion Windows – a leading supplier of the most energy efficient double glazed windows in North Yorkshire and Humberside.

For a quality range Double Glazing in Hull, Conservatories in Leeds, uPVC Windows in Harrogate, uPVC Doors in York or Orangeries in Scarborough – speak to Orion Windows today on 01904 690881 or visit: www.orion-windows.co.uk

Double Glazing have a lot of qualities that many other windows do not. They can be found in the majority of most homes throughout Yorkshire. They are durable and very strong , virtually maintence free and will last for many years.

The vast majority of Double Glazing are double glazed so you will not have to choose between regular glass and double glazing in most cases. All Double Glazing from Orion Windows are bespoke to every home and will fit your window gaps perfectly by our expert installers. Bespoke Double Glazing are quite common because it is very rare that two houses have exactly the same size and number of windows.

The Choice of Double Glazing available from Orion Windows include:
• Sash style Double Glazing split into two halves, where the lower half can be pushed up or pulled down.
• Tilt and turn Double Glazing – those windows that will move where you want them to.
• Casement Double Glazing- the traditional windows that open outwards.

So many styles are on offer when it comes to PVC windows; all have excellent security features so you can rest easily at night. Really, the hardest part is choosing the style you prefer. After that, all you have to do is ask a specialist to get them made for you and then have them fitted.

For more information on Double Glazing in Hull, Double Glazing in Leeds , Double Glazing in Harrogate , Double Glazing in Scarborough and Double Glazing in York – visit www.orion-windows.co.uk – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the choice available from Orion Windows.


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