Love Your Home – The Simple DIY Tasks You Can Do In Lockdown

Love Your Home

Has the bond you have with your home ever been as big as it is right at this moment? You should feel as emotionally connected to the place as you’ve ever been and if you’re not, well, it’s very obviously time to make some changes to reignite the spark that’s been lost.

When are you ever going to have as much time as you currently have to make modifications that will help you fall back in love with it? Possibly, never again. And it doesn’t need to be a difficult undertaking as there are loads of DIY tasks you can do while confined to home.

Don’t go solo with your DIY. Recruit some help from other members of the family to get those odd jobs done quickly and make it fun.

Use our three-strong DIY ‘to-do’ list to guide you:

Give rooms a repaint or retouching

Staring at those four walls for such a long period can push you into wanting a new colour scheme or patching up bits of paintwork. Make sure you check over here to get  the best kind of interior paint for yourself.

If it’s a full repainting of a room you want, paint can still be bought online, with colours like Coral Pink and Biscay Green trending this spring, along with Yellow, forever a favourite at this time of year.

Only need to do some touching up? Get a few paintbrushes and see if a tin of the original paint is still sitting around in the garage, based on the information on a knockout post.  Your garage can be retouched too.  So why not find out more?

Before doing any painting, ensure the surface is clean and dry first, and once complete, apply a stain blocker. You could have it done in a day.

Tip One

Get mending and upcycling

Do your Bob the Builder bit and fix anything that’s broken or damaged around the house, before they get worse.

Clean that dirty grouting in the bathroom, oil your front gate to stop it squeaking, repair any old fence panels etc. It will all make a difference and won’t cost you.

Now would also be a good time to see if there’s any old in the house that could be turned into something new with some upcycling.

Use that spare piece of fabric to reupholster a dated armchair or create some wall artwork out of unused shoeboxes. Let your imagination run wild.

Tip Two

Pay attention to your garden

Thank goodness for our gardens. We will be using them an awful lot while in lockdown, so make sure you fulfil the potential of yours.

However large or small your garden may be, and with the weather improving, you can shift your emphasis from the indoors to the outdoors.

Drag out the lawnmower to give the grass a first cut of 2020 and hose down the patio to give yourself two pristine areas to sit out in the sunshine. The kids can always build their own outdoor dens.

In preparation for it getting chilly and dark at night, have some cosy textures and cushions to hand for staying warm and set up a few candles and torches.

Tip three

If you have home goals that are more geared towards opening out your property, such as investing in bi-folding doors, and need expert help, talk to Orion about them using our FREE online design appointment service .


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