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Windows are a very important part of any house for many obvious reasons yet many homeowners fail to replace windows as they become old and worn. This wear can present itself in many ways with the most obvious being high levels of condensation on the insides of the windows or feeling notable draughts coming from the outside. It is important to replace your windows when they become old and damaged as they lose many of their most important qualities such as their thermal efficiency. Orion Windows can brighten up your home with brand new modern double glazing which can help your home in many important ways.

No matter what type of old windows you replace, you can be sure that new double glazing will be far more effective in terms of insulating your home. Single glazed windows do not offer a very effective barrier to heat transfer which means that they effectively try to heat the outside world with heat from inside the home. Double glazed windows have two panes of glass with a pocket of air in between which is far more effective at insulating the home and means that you spend less money on heating bills. These savings are all the more important when you consider the record high prices of gas and electricity bills.

Double glazing is also far more secure than old single glazing, mainly because the extra glass forms a harder barrier to break through. The frames are also a key component of the enhanced security as they are much stronger than single glazed frames; mainly because they need to securely hold the extra weight of double glazing units. If you are interested in double glazing in Skipton or double glazing in Whitby then make sure you remember all the important reasons to invest in double glazing and brighten up your home.


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