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Show Your Home Some Love After The Harsh Winter Weather

The weather is so up and down in this country that it’s almost impossible to predict what it will do next! After a snowy few days last week, temperatures have jumped but many areas have experienced heavy downpours and all this inclement weather may be spoiling the appearance of your home and causing it issues.

Oak Composite Door

When conditions become more settled you need put some effort in and show your home a little bit of love to get it looking and performing at its best again.

The courses of action you take to improve the state of your home could involve any of the following:

Clean your windows and doors

Your windows and doors will bear the brunt of the weather and it may have left both the frames and glass covered in dirt and grime.

If they’re made from UPVC or a composite material, you will only need to wipe the frames with a wet, soapy sponge to remove any traces of the weather. A wet cloth and squeegee will also suffice for cleaning the glass.

Any hint of the weather getting into your home is a sign that your windows and doors need exchanging for thermal efficient replacements to keep it warmer inside.

Tidy up your garden

Though it’s a little too early in the year to start mowing your lawn, you can tidy it up a bit in the meantime as weeds may have sprouted up over the past few months.

Remove these weeds and any dead plants and also cut back any plants that have started to overgrow. You should also dispose of any rubbish that has found its way onto your turf to keep it looking neat and tidy ahead of the arrival of spring.

Clear out your guttering

Unless you’ve a head for heights and have the necessary skills needed to do it, we suggest that you hire a professional to clear your gutters of any leaves and debris.

Failing to do so could make your roof more susceptible to water damage and can cause your fascias and brackets to weaken under the pressure of excess rainwater building up.

Consider replacing old roofline for UPVC roofline as it will enhance aesthetics, performs better and is far lower maintenance.  


Orion would love to help you get your home into shape for spring and the summer to follow. Our inspirations page will show you the many things we can do.  



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