Ten Hints for Buying a Conservatory

1/ So you want a Conservatory?

What are you looking to accomplish with a Conservatory? If you’re looking at your options for more space you can move, build an extension or indeed add a conservatory.

In the current housing market the housing industry is quite weak, therefore selling your property could be a difficult task. Adding a conservatory will not only give you extra space, it will increase the value of your home when you decide that time has come.

2/ What is the purpose?

It is a good idea to think about what you will use it for before beginning to plan the design. if you know what its use will be, the designing process will be a lot easier.

conservatory design

3/ Conservatory Inspiration

Orion Windows have a website dedicated to giving you ideas. If you visit a showroom, industry professionals will also be there to help you – or they can come visit you if you arrange a meeting.

4/ Conservatory Designs

There are a host of designs available. From the old fashioned victorian or edwardian designs, to the more box shaped lean-to design, to the p-shape and even an Orangery.

All designs are bespoke and have their own advantages and it’s a good idea to discuss your wants and needs for the conservatory with our qualified staff.

conservatory ideas

5/ Quotes

Many sites offer you online quotes. A lot of these sites will take your details and then sell them on the a 3rd party, meaning you’ll be rung by a strange company, without having the ability to research them or even know anything about them.

Rest assured, you can request a free Conservatory Quote with us and be handled in a personal manner with extreme care and professionalism.

6/ It might be a good idea to look local

A lot of local installers can offer very good deals. They are also be easy to receive follow up service from. Conservatory Outlet has a lot of local retailers, including Orion Windows – please visit our website or phone to see if we have a retailer in your area.

7/ How long will it take?

You should ask the company you choose to give you an estimated time-scale and make sure it does not clash with any plans. An industry standard guess for a standard conservatory would be around 4-6 weeks.


8/ Finance Offers

Companies can offer great finance deals, including no payment for a year and a small deposit – as well as further offers that are available.

9/ Flooring, Heating, Furniture

Extra items which you may not think of at the time become a necessity once the structure is complete. A lot of retailers offer these products (such as flooring, furniture, etc) as well and can give you a good price. Conservatory Blinds are another thing you may look at, as they can look absolutely brilliant and come in a wide variety of colours.

10/ Guarantee

Make sure the company you purchase from offer a good guarantee. This needs to be a long guarantee – Orion Windows offers it’s infamous 1 2 3 Guarantee, which is a £1000 Security guarantee, a 10 year manufacturers guarantee and an insurance back guarantee.


We invite you to join us at our showroom in York, to browse our many products in person and speak with our team of advisors and designers about your next home improvement project.


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