The benefits of installing Double Glazing uPVC Windows

When it comes to replacing your windows by far the most popular choice are energy rated Double Glazing Windows in uPVC. This is mainly due to the many benefits of uPVC double glazed windows which include.

Improved Energy Efficiency
Thanks to the double glazing used in the construction of uPVC windows they are highly energy efficient. They reduce the amount of heat lost from a house considerably and therefore lower a households gas and electricity bills whilst also helping to protect the planet.

Improved Security
It is important that we all feel safe in our homes and the multi point locking technology and double glazing used in the construction of uPVC double glazed windows makes them much more secure than traditional windows.

Low Maintenance
Traditional timber framed windows are notorious for needing to be painted every couple of years to prevent them from rotting or warping. uPVC windows require no painting and very little maintenance to keep them looking as good as new.

Reduced Outside Noise
Thanks to the insulating properties of uPVC double glazed windows not only do they help to keep the heat in but they also help to keep outside noises out.

uPVC windows come in a huge range of styles ranging from sash windows to casement windows meaning there is something to suit every style of property. Many of the ranges also include uPVC doors and conservatories allowing the whole house to match.

Traditionally uPVC windows came in white however there are now a wide range of colours to chose from cream to black. If however you prefer the look of traditional wood windows there are wood effect uPVC double glazed windows which look like wood with all the benefits of uPVC.

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