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UPVC And Aluminium - What You Need To Know About Both Materials

Have a nosey through our collection of products and you will notice that almost everything is made using one of two materials – UPVC or aluminium. 

Golden Oak Composite Door

We rely on UPVC and aluminium a lot, that’s why you can have a UPVC or aluminium door, UPVC or aluminium conservatory etc. 

How do you choose between the two materials when buying from Orion Windows? With great difficulty if you don’t know enough about them. 

So, before you vote for UPVC or aluminium, let us present you with the facts about them both, as it will help you make your decision easier. 


We have a very rainy climate in this country, and you don’t want this regular rainfall to take its toll on your windows and doors. 

There’s little hope of that happening when you have UPVC windows and doors as UPVC is a weather-resistant material, meaning it won’t get dirty, or lose any of its structural integrity. Cleaning UPVC is the easiest job in the world as you only need a wet cloth to remove any marks. 

As for the cost of UPVC, well, it amounts to a bargain. Highly affordable, UPVC can last for a decade or more, so you definitely get your money’s worth out of it. 


Not sure how to identify an aluminium window, door or conservatory? Look out for a very slender framework, with a high proportion of glazing within it, and that will be an aluminium design. People don’t expect aluminium products to have such trim frames as they associate aluminium with bulkiness and immense toughness. 

The detail in an aluminium frame is also eye-catching, and the powder-coated finish applied to it makes for a really strong, bold colour. 

Speaking of the colour of an aluminium frame, almost any RAL colour can be incorporated into aluminium designs, so you’re spoilt for choice on that front. 

It will help you to see some examples of UPVC and aluminium products. We can always do that online, if you like, through a Virtual Appointment.

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