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I have water dripping down my windows. Is this normal?

If you see water running down your windows, there’s no need to worry straight away. This is normal if it is a cold day and the moisture is on the outside of the pane. One of the main reasons this happens is the moisture from your breath condensing on a cool surface, such as your double glazing. Simply increasing ventilation in your room will help.


How do I know if there’s something wrong?

If you can see water between the gaps in the panes, then the window needs maintenance. If this is the case you should contact you supplier and fitter, and tell them what’s happened to the unit. There is a good chance that the window will need to be replaced, luckily this is a very simple process. You may also still be under warranty, so be sure to check.

At Orion Windows we use the best materials together with top of the range machinery, as well as making sure to employ the best staff, to try and ensure that this does not happen to our windows or conservatories. So if you want windows to trust, please contact us today. You can see more information about uPVC windows or conservatories in Harrogate on our website.


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