Why Conservatories Are Made For Christmas

We hate to mention the ‘C’ word so early but you will thank us for it as Christmas is just 72 days away.

Alarm bells started ringing? Fear not as we can help you decide where to host the showpiece event of the day – the Christmas dinner.

Christmas & the Conservatory – A marriage made in heaven

Most conservatories are spacious enough to accommodate a decent sized dining table and multiple diners, making them the perfect setting for tucking into the turkey.

To give your conservatory the full festive feel utilise these top yuletide tips:

  1. Christmas tree

It seems like a very obvious suggestion why not complement the main Christmas tree with a supplementary tree in the conservatory. Nothing gets people in the festive mood more than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

  1. Christmas songs

Noddy Holder’s scream of “It’s Christmaaaasssss” or the not so dulcet tones of Shane MacGowan singing ‘Fairytale of New York’ playing in the background is guaranteed to put your guests in the Christmas spirit.

  1. Christmas scent

Place some mince pies or pieces of gingerbread in the oven and allow the lovely buttery smell of them to waft into the conservatory. You can even buy scented candles that are specially formulated to give off a Christmas-like scent, such as Yankee Candle’s Christmas Eve candle.

  1. Christmas lights

Hang up some fairy lights and tinsel to brighten up the space and make the inside of your conservatory capture the eyes of visitors the moment they step into the structure.

  1. Christmas games

No Christmas Day would be complete without some party games to help let your stomach settle. Charades is always a favourite.

There is still time to have a conservatory fitted at your home in time for the festivities. Our York showroom plays host to a wide range of designs.





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