Home Improvement Disasters

If you’re looking to do some DIY around your home, maybe fit a new door, install some Double Glazing, just generally shape up the house a bit. Think twice.

It Can Go Wrong!

You may end up with a home improvement disaster!

You may be quite nifty with a hammer and nail, a professor with a measuring tape, but when it comes to very large projects, perhaps you should think twice about Doing It Yourself.

Take this replacement door that was fitted from the other side, the owner stupidly forgetting there was a difference in floor level on the front.

There are several companies that offer good quality products for a decent price.

So if you’re looking at taking on some good ol’ fashioned DIY, get a quote first and see if it’s worth saving the hassle (and the pain) involved.

We can’t even work out what happened here:

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