Solid Tiled Roof Extension featuring Bi-Folding Doors and Roof Windows

Seemingly insignificant in stature, a small tiled roof extension can be roomy enough to accommodate the whole family and promises lasting thermal efficiency.

When you gain sight of this small tiled roof extension from afar it appear to be somewhat constricted. Venture forward and you observe it in a whole new light, especially when you get opportunity to walk into the interior via the elegant bi-folding doors. It helps that the steep pitch of the roof system creates an enormous amount of headspace. Natural light is well known for making spaces feel roomier than they actually are and that thought process resulted in roof windows being incorporated into the roof. They sit on either side of the roof and ensure that the sun can travel through with ease.

Far from being a setting solely for the daytime, downlighters have been placed in the ceiling so that the extension can continue to be utilised into the night. The light emitted by the downlighters is soft and generates the calming ambience that the occupants need to relax and switch off from the world. It only looks the part as much as it does because of the brickwork used to build the structure and the tiles that comprise the roof. They’re almost identical to the type of bricks and tiles used in constructing the house itself and make it seem as though it has been a permanent fixture. Without these bricks and tiles, the extension also wouldn’t be able to deliver the thermal efficiency that it does.

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