Small Black Conservatory with French Doors & Polycarbonate Roof

There’s nothing to stop you tampering with a classic conservatory design if you desire a greater ratio of glass.

Edwardian conservatories have been around for generations and they still continue to capture the imagination of homeowners. Their square shape and symmetrical styling is impossible to dislike, hence why this householder decided to invest in what’s undeniably a timeless design. There’s an abundance of floor space to accommodate the sofa and armchair, plus a wealth of headspace thanks to the noticeable sloped pitched roof. When you enter into the structure you get that feeling of spaciousness at every turn and that’s due to the wall of glass that envelopes you.

A conservatory can only deliver enduring thermal performance if it has the right roof covering and on this occasion a polycarbonate roof was selected. This will minimise the chance of the conservatory overheating or becoming too cold. Including French doors in the design was a given when you have a garden that looks so good - turning the handles to gain access to it will be a constant pleasure. As a nod to the house, it was decided that a black exterior finish and white painted interior would work best and it was a very shrewd move when you stand back and admire from afar. Black and white has proved to be right.

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