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3 Home Improvement Tips For A Smaller Property

1st August 2021

Space at home is something that you can never have enough of, but it’s often hard to come by if you have a growing family and a property that’s on the small side.  If you live in a quite compact residence, you certainly aren’t alone as it’s common knowledge that the average size of a...

How To Make Your Front Door Worthy Of An Instagram Post

14th July 2021

It’s a fashionable thing to share a photo of your front door on Instagram, but only if it exudes the utmost elegance.  For proof of this, just log into your Instagram account and enter in either of the following hashtags – #frontdoor or #frontdoors.  As soon as you do that, your Instagram feed will be...

How To Generate The Feeling Of Summer In Your Home

21st June 2021

  After a pretty dour May, we have all very much welcomed the lovely weather that’s hit us in June, and hope that there’s more of it to come!  Like us, you may find that when the sun’s out and it’s nice and warm, you feel like you have more energy and more incentive to...

Show Your Home Some Love With These 3 DIY Ideas

15th June 2021

DIY might be something that comes natural to you, whereas some find that they have a knack for doing it.  It’s always worth doing some DIY at home because it will improve it, and you will get a huge amount of enjoyment from seeing your DIY make a positive difference.  But don’t be too over...

Why Bi-Folding Doors Will Enhance Your Summer Lifestyle

15th May 2021

For many people this summer, their home will be their holiday hotspot, rather than some sunny place abroad.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it can be equally as fun, with just as many lasting memories made.  Having a garden helps if you are going to take a homecation, and what else will help...

How To Make Easy Work Of Homeworking

12th April 2021

Most people who worked in an office prior to the pandemic, will have seen very little of their workplace ever since, and had to continue with their duties at home.  Are you one of those affected by this, and, if so, how have you coped with homeworking?  Some companies have found that their employees have...

Mistakes To Avoid When Extending Your Kitchen

8th February 2021

Things have really changed in the British household. It would always be the living room where families would settle down to watch TV together and spend the most of their time indoors. But now it’s the kitchen where they most tend to hang out at home, as well as obviously cook and dine in the...

What You Shouldn’t Do If Your Want To Improve Your Home’s Value

3rd February 2021

We know that some of you will have read our blog post last month about home trends and the looks that will be imitated in so many residences over the next year.  Anyone who missed this blog can see it here.  You can’t go wrong with these ideas. But where you can go wrong is...

A Round-Up Of Some Of The Biggest Home Trends For 2021

7th January 2021

Some of you will again have extra time on your hands, and we doubt you will just want to spend it sitting down at home.  Instead, you may want to use the time enhancing your home, as many people did in 2020. A great idea, we say! In that case, it will help to know...

How To Get Your Home Looking Festive For Christmas

1st December 2020

It won’t be a conventional Christmas for the majority of people this year, but we should all still get into the festive spirit to try and bring 2020 to a memorable end. Start by organising some Zoom Christmas parties with work colleagues and friends, involving games you can play virtually, and whilst playing them, ensure...

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