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What Are The Building Rules And Regulations In North Yorkshire?

13th December 2017

You might be so excited at the prospect of integrating a stylish conservatory or orangery into your property that you have not given consideration to local building rules and regulations. It could be that you were not even aware that they could apply and only discover so after speaking to a conservatory and orangery installer...

3 Benefits Of Installing A Porch To Your Home

12th December 2017

Not many people realise the benefits that a porch can bring your home. From style, insulation and security, a porch can add so much value to a property. When investing in a porch, it is important that it adds to the existing personality of your home. We have listed the top 3 benefits, that a...

Protect Your Home From Water Damage This Winter

7th December 2017

At Orion Windows, we are trusted to transform your home into a comfortable, year round living space. You can count on us when it comes to installing insulated and waterproof solid roofs. Solid roofs are predominantly opted for as a replacement tiled roof and can be fitted and installed with minimum disruption. The last thing...

How To Keep The Draught Out Of Your Home

20th November 2017

Sorry to alarm you but Christmas Day is only 5 weeks away and it’s almost inevitable that the weather will deteriorate as we get closer to the big day. If you’re playing host at your home over the festivities you will want all of your guests to feel comfortable and cosy too. So that they...

Our Guide To Replacement Doors

15th November 2017

The importance of having a super secure and stylish front door fitted at your home cannot be emphasised enough. It needs to be completely capable of protecting your residence and should show off the property in the best possible light. When your current door has reached the end of its lifespan it is imperative that...

Why Owning A Conservatory Is A Bonus At Christmas

10th November 2017

The clock is fast ticking towards Christmas with only 45 days left to go until the annual festivities commence. Have you started planning ahead for the big day and decided whether you’re going to spend it at home or elsewhere? If you’re fortunate enough to own a conservatory, the decision should already be made to...

5 Reasons Why New Windows Are A Must This Winter

9th November 2017

When putting together your Christmas shopping list why not gift your home too with new replacement windows. Imagine a home without windows – it simply wouldn’t work and goes to show how much they should be appreciated. Consigning your old windows to history will be one of the best decisions you ever make, for a...

Traditional Windows For Traditional Homes At Orion

20th October 2017

Replacing the existing windows in your home is usually a once in a lifetime job and more difficult than you may anticipate. We advise all customers of this when they make a window-related enquiry online or at our showroom. You don’t want to be left ruing a rash decision, so when shopping for replacement windows...

How To Keep Your Home Secure

4th October 2017

Just imagine for a moment how you would feel if someone broke into your home – we guess that you’d feel a sick sensation in the pit of your stomach. To highlight the importance of securing your home, October marks the start of National Home Security Month (NHSM). Throughout the month, the organisers behind National...

Why choose a Composite door?

5th September 2017

Everything you want in a door; durability, strength and toughness, is a feature included in our Composite Door range. They are some of the toughest and strongest doors you could ever wish for. With its extremely thick composition, you can shut your front or back door with the utmost confidence. All of our Composite Doors...

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