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Orion’s Home Trends For 2022

13th January 2022

Each year brings new trends. January is a great time to learn what’s trending in the home improvement industry as we all spend more time in our homes and therefore desire a change-up in our spaces. From trending colours to interior design ideas, Orion is keeping you in the loop with three of the biggest...

How To Give Your Windows And Doors A Festive Touch

7th December 2021

Whisper it quietly – Christmas is just around the corner! It’s been another tough year for us all, so it gives everyone a great excuse to really go to town with their Christmas decorations, something that’s guaranteed to lift your spirits.  Do more than just put up your Christmas tree. Give your windows and doors...

The 3 Most Popular Types Of Conservatory Today

9th November 2021

When you have an expanding family but are squeezed for space in your home, it eventually comes to a point where you have to do something about it.  You could move house, but can you really be doing with the hassle involved with that? It’d be much simpler, and a lot less stressful, to get...

Add To The Cosiness Of Your Home With A Cottage Look And Feel

8th November 2021

Our homes should be a source of comfort, especially in the bleak winter months. One way to endure the long nights is to give your home a traditional cottage look and feel for extra cosiness. Make the dreary days a little more tolerable by taking inspiration from the traditional cottage look.  You don’t have to...

Our Finance Calculator Makes It Easy To Find The Right Finance Option For You

6th October 2021

Like so many others, you may be wishing to make enhancements to your home before the festive period kicks in. Whether it’s new energy-efficient windows and doors or you have your heart set on a relaxing place to drink mulled wine with family and friends, you may be unsure about how you can afford to...

3 Ways That You Can Minimise Any Condensation Your Windows Get

8th September 2021

The appearance of condensation on their windows is a telltale sign for many homeowners that autumn has arrived and the weather is getting colder.  Whenever you get it on your windows, it’s advisable to wipe it away each time with a wet towel as an immediate measure, because if you continuously leave the windows wet,...

Is Building Regulations Approval Necessary For A Porch Installation?

1st September 2021

Thinking of giving the outside of your house a bit of facelift to make it look more attractive to outside eyes? You could do worse than have a porch integrated into your entrance.  We can design a UPVC or aluminium porch that is stylistically similar to the traditional character of the building and promises to...

Why UPVC Is Such A Quality Material For Home Improvement Products

10th August 2021

Most of the products in our extensive range are manufactured from UPVC and that’s been the case for many years.  It’s a building material that’s been in existence since 1935, and if you didn’t know, UPVC is a shortened version of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride.  But it wasn’t until the 1980’s and 1990’s that UPVC window...

3 Home Improvement Tips For A Smaller Property

1st August 2021

Space at home is something that you can never have enough of, but it’s often hard to come by if you have a growing family and a property that’s on the small side.  If you live in a quite compact residence, you certainly aren’t alone as it’s common knowledge that the average size of a...

How To Make Your Front Door Worthy Of An Instagram Post

14th July 2021

It’s a fashionable thing to share a photo of your front door on Instagram, but only if it exudes the utmost elegance.  For proof of this, just log into your Instagram account and enter in either of the following hashtags – #frontdoor or #frontdoors.  As soon as you do that, your Instagram feed will be...

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