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Why A Conservatory Will Be A Bonus This Christmas

24th October 2018

We hate to get you panicking but did you know that there only 62 days left until Christmas? It might be wise to start your Christmas shopping if you haven’t already and if you’re planning to play host on the big day, are you absolutely sure that your home is large enough to accommodate all...

New Windows Are A Must This Winter! Here Are 5 Reasons Why

4th October 2018

Thousands of Britons throughout our green and pleasant land are currently in the process of implementing home improvements in time for winter which could involve anything from cutting back their hedges to clearing their gutters. But you cannot consider your home to be fully ready for the forthcoming winter unless you have reliable windows fitted....

How To Keep Your Home Secure - Home Security Month

2nd October 2018

First launched in 2013, October spells the start of National Home Security Month, a UK initiative designed to create awareness around the importance of home security. All local householders need to be on their guard against the continuous threat posed by burglars, particularly since it was revealed that there was a 9% rise in home...

Want A Modern Feel In Your Conservatory? Invest In Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

25th September 2018

It may be quite some time since you had your conservatory fitted by Orion Windows or another conservatory specialist and it could perhaps do with some sort of update to ensure it gives you a buzz of excitement again. You might want to think about replacing the existing roof if you feel the cold when...

The Advantages Of Fitting A Solid Roof To Your Home Extension

10th September 2018

For some householders, the end of summer will mark the end of them being able to utilise their conservatory or orangery until springtime returns. Why is that the case you may be asking? You’d know if you have ever walked into a home extension with an old roofing system as in winter it’ll feel tremendously...

What Are The Advantages Of Investing In A Porch?

7th September 2018

Our porches are a big seller at Orion Windows and you can easily understand why when you evaluate the merits of them. A foremost selling point of a porch is the way it can rejuvenate an entire entranceway and make it more prominent to the eyes of those that come to visit. The absence of...

Why Choose A Composite Door?

4th September 2018

Buying a new replacement front door for your home may not be quite as straightforward as you think as it needs to be spot on styling-wise, offer lasting protection and rejuvenate your entire entranceway. It is very important that you exchange a front door the moment it exhibits any signs of ageing and one potential...

Why Orion’s 20 Year Guarantee Gives Us The Edge Over The Competition

29th August 2018

When searching for a home improvement company that you can trust to do a good job you’re advised to find out how long they guarantee their products and services. The length of guarantee they offer is usually a good indicator of their standard of workmanship, product quality and willingness to resolve any issues you experience...

Introducing The World’s 4 Most Expensive Homes

20th August 2018

It’s always nice to dream and a dream it would be to live in one of the world’s most expensive homes. Should you be fortunate enough to pick the winning numbers in a Euro Millions rollover draw or unexpectedly inherit a fortune from a super-rich relative you never knew about then you might be in...

Finishing Touches To Your Conservatory Or Orangery Make All The Difference

13th August 2018

It’s very often the finishing touches that have the biggest impact on any conservatory or orangery design and there are so many possibilities. Get these finishing touches right and your conservatory or orangery will be unique to any other room in the house. We suggest you contemplate the following when sitting down with one of...

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